chainsaw powered bike

i have a homelite xl 12inch saw. the motor runs great.

I would like to use it to power one of the extra bikes i have.

the saw has a centrifical clutch with a 6 tooth sprocket i measured it and its pretty dam close to the 415 size that my puch uses? one problem is gearing the saw probably runs 7000rpm any ideas would be great.

Re: chainsaw powered bike

don't murder a bike like that unless u r missing the motor it would be easier to put the chain saw engine on minibike or something like that

Re: chainsaw powered bike

Put it on an amf roadmaster.

Re: chainsaw powered bike

Don't waste a motor on an AMF, lol

Re: chainsaw powered bike

Funny you posted this right as I saw this when randomly browsing pictures and stuff:

I'm sure you could email him for some ideas/thought sharing.

Though he used a regular bike, I'm sure there's something he could input to your endeavour.

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