Minarelli Carabela

Do the kits for the minarelli v1 match up with the minarelli carabela?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

I want to say yes. I have a carabela sitting next to a minarelli here and it looks that way...BUT I haven't actually checked it out, so don't take my word.

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I have a Carabela Minarelli V1 clone, and I've compared the V1 manual to my engine - it all looks the same to me.

I guess I'm just seconding that it looks identical to me, and giving your thread a little bump. I have no idea if there's any internal difference as I have not taken apart my engine.

Good luck!

Re: Minarelli Carabela

I ordered the minv1 kit from treats for

my carabela engine, so soon as I get it-

I'll let you know. Right now I have the Del 19mm phbg

carb w/ a circuit pipe and it runs nice.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Awesome. Let me know how it goes.

I just might order one if yours turns out okay :P

Hopefully they're still cheap by that point.

Do you know if it's a simple bolt on, or do you have to do stuff with porting?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Or I suppose the actual question is can you simply put the new head on and run the stock piston/etc?

I'm still really new to this stuff, but if it works for you I will order one to hang onto until I'm ready to work on it myself.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

By the way - that's going to look badass on your custom frame lol.

Already the engine is so pronounced by the way it's mounted - it's going to look so awesome with that huge head on it.

Keep us up to date! (Pics please! :D)

Re: Minarelli Carabela

I bolted the kit on, no problem, tons of compression,

but the highest jet I have is 90 so I'll wait to fire

it up. let you know what happens... the case maybe

a little different then the min-V1...larger ports?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

That's good to hear.

Don't you often have to match ports or something like that unless you get certain kits? I'm pretty noobish at kitting and stuff, so I could be wrong.

So I guess if I want to get one, I should order the one with the new piston and stuff right?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

I have a Polini 70cc kit and I did not case match. The bike still ripps but would rip more if I had case matched. I just pulled the old jug and put on the new jug and piston with no modifications. The Polini kits are very well made.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

On the minarelli's not porting you want ...

The ramping of the main transfers.


Re: Minarelli Carabela

Do you happen to have any before/after pics that I could stow for reference of this main transfer ramping?


Re: Minarelli Carabela

wow that one took off before i gave it credit...

anyway just picked up a minarelli carabela for 60 bucks, may put it on an hs-50 frame like the motomatic hs-50.

so stacy, that's i positive verdict then?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Don't look at me for advice! lol...I'm still a noob.

But if what you meant is that I'm interested in your project - I am.

I have a Carabela, so I like to know what's happenin :)

And, I just realized the OP and the person that ordered the new kit are different...sigh @ me not reading names lol.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Bolt on should work just fine, it did with mine.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Mine was the 75cc Polini, others may require some work.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Hey pepilapeau

did you bolt it up to a minarelli engine

or a carabela? also did you use

the polini jug gasket that came with the kit?

The gasket on my carabela slightly covers

the main transfers.

its been raining so haven't had a chance

to test it out, update later.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

minarelli and carabela.. its just a clone with huge main transfers.

So the 75cc polini fit... also the 80ccc=48mm and 90=51mm

End the story they fit.:)

Re: Minarelli Carabela

So how did it go number5?

Re: Minarelli Carabela

it will work as long as your carabela isnt the 60cc minarelli

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Didn't work out too well,

the case ports are wider than the

the cylinder jug, I would have to add material

to the case in order to stop the massive air leak.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Oh fuck me...

I just ordered a 75cc Polini kit for my Carabela.

FUCK! >:(

Ah well, looks like I'll be selling it to someone. lol

Maybe with some stroke of luck it'll work on mine.

I don't know what I'll do if it doesn't :(

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Ohhhhh wait...you ordered the Parmakit one right? The '80cc parmakit' cylinder on its own?

http://cgi.ebay.ca/minarelli-V1-moped-80cc-parmakit-cylinder_W0QQitemZ180267051104QQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p3286.m20.l1116 ?

That's different than the Polini isn't it?

I ordered the $180 Polini kit off of QuarterKick...hopefully it will work :(

Re: Minarelli Carabela

DON'T BUY TREAT'S PARMAKIT. The reason it's so cheap is because it's super old, they dont make pistons for it anymore, it's low quality and if you can find a piston for it, they're a hair too small for the cylinder. It's pretty much a paper weight. Go quarterkick for sure. High quality, i've seen one myself.

I love treats like 100% all day, trust me, i'm just saying that particular cylinder is is a piece of shit,

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Heh, yeah.

I'm new to kitting...so being my first kit I'm quite contempt with ordering something that's $200 from a tried and trusted manufacturer. My polini kit should be arriving soon. I hope to shit it works, or it looks like I'm gonna be stuck running a stock displacement...either that or looking for a new engine :(

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Well, it's official for me too.

The Polini/Minarelli V1 kits DO NOT WORK with the Carabela V1.

There is a 1.5mm or so open hole into the engine where the polini case is just shy of covering it. If Polini decided to add a little bit to the side of the cases, the kit would work fine from what I can see.

Bummer...now I'm looking for a V1 or just going to sell the kit and run it 50cc :(

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Hey don't fret, just weld a little material on there to make her fit up right!

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Well, with the amount of money I would have to spend on either:

a.) A welding machine

b.) One of the crooks in Winnipeg to do it for me

I can just get a Minarelli V1 from someone.

So, that's the route I'm going to go.

I'll probably end up using my Carabela engine for my forced air induction experiments and throw it on a go kart or something.

Re: Minarelli Carabela

How much do you want for the Carabela engine? E-mail me a price.

Thanks Steve

Re: Minarelli Carabela

Hehe, I think I might be keeping it and just going stock displacement. I'm not 100% sure yet. I'll email you if I decide to sell it.

I was doing 40mph with stock pan exhaust and 14mm carb, so I'm sure it will have some promising bottom end with a 16mm and a low end circuit pipe...

Like I said though, I'm more or less waiting on a couple of things before I decide which route I'm going. The thought of losing my license for like 2 years because of riding a kitted bike isn't too appealing to me.

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