New intake and exhaust-now no idle

So I had a stock perfectly running Puch Maxi with an E50 and a 64 jet in the 14 mm Bing. I bought a foam filter and Techno Boss from Treats and threw a 68 jet in there until I got some 72, 74, and 76 jets.

The ped went from a stock 32-33mph to about 35mph. Takes a little while to get there, but it was sluggish when it was stock too. The plug was a light tan (kinda lean). However, now it won't hold an idle, even with the idle screw in all the way.

I got my new jets and installed a 74, since it seems that's what most people on the board have done with their near-stock E50s. It now does about 35-36mph but still won't idle. Plug is like coffee with some cream, so I figure I can keep the 74 or maybe even drop down to a 72 and still be OK.

Would raising the needle a notch bring back my idle? Or should I just return it to stock and settle for 32-33mph?

Carb is clean, with a new float needle.


Re: New intake and exhaust-now no idle

Mess with the carb needle, and try raising the clip one notch to lower the needle. The pipe makes the bike more efficient at any given rpm and you're probably too rich at idle.

Reset your timing. It sounds as though it might be off if your bike is very sluggish. I always get my bikes running in great shape before I mod them. It helps me troubleshoot when I have problems.


Re: New intake and exhaust-now no idle

make sure your intake & carb are making a good seal. Spray some carb cleaner around the area w/ the motor running and see if the rpm's change.

Re: New intake and exhaust-now no idle

I put the needle on the top notch- no change.

The timing looks to be advanced a lot, judging by the adjustment slots. I couldn't move the stator after loosening the screws. I gotta get a puller.

The bike runs bitchin' just won't idle.

Re: New intake and exhaust-now no idle

Nevermind. Found a couple tiny air leaks. I'll fix those tomorrow night and see if that's the problem.

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