tecnigas muffler

so i got this tecnigas pipe off of ebay for 20 bucks and adapted it to my Suzuki FA50z. i was wondering if anyone knows where to get replacement mufflers for these things. there's a crack in the casing that looks like someone was reefing on it with some pliers or something. or i suppose i could adapt for some other kind of muffler (only if it's more trick, of course...). and on that point, what do people consider to be exceptional brands for moped mufflers?

oh, you can't see the crack in the picture i attached. i just put up the pic so you can see what kind of muffler it is and blah blah.


Re: tecnigas muffler

ok. i didn't realize the pic i attached was so monstrous, so here's one that isn't so redic...


Re: tecnigas muffler

theres a simonini pipe made specifically for the fa50. treats has them sometimes.

Re: tecnigas muffler

i like you ghetto air filter. i had one of those. gotta love havin no cash and no high flow. necessity is the mother of invention.

Re: tecnigas muffler

I'm pretty sure technigas sells complete replacement silencers in bare aluminum,black, blue anodized and carbon fiber.

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