50cc metrakit... experiences?

Hey everybody, I am really looking hard for a 65cc metrakit but I missed out on all the opportunities last week due to working all the wrong shifts and having money ready at all the wrong times. Long story short, since they don't make them anymore apparently I'm unsure if I can get one... but I desperately want a kit.

Wondering if anybody has any experience with the 50cc metrakit... I know its kind of a whole different ballgame, angled exhaust, crazy transfers and whatnot... but basically I'm looking for something that will make me go faster, but still be really well constructed and as reliable as a kit can be.

Is the 50cc a good kit? I just never really heard much about it if anything. Don't really want to do the 80 kit for many reasons, but the 50 could be sweet providing it is somewhat reliable.

Thanks for any info / experience / tips and if the case is that this kit is not what I might be looking for... any suggestions for a reliable as possible while still fairly fast kit????

Thanks fellows.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

As far as I know, nobody in the US has run the 50cc metra cylinder. The dutch reviewed it for us though, and what they say about it is on this page:


Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

NOBODY in the USA has run one!? wow... that tempts me right there.

I reaaaaally want to make a 50/50 bike even though I was planning on just going for a fairly fast town bike with good acceleration.. this is getting tempting.

The main issue is I don't want to blow this shit up after a thousand or less miles... I want something that is gonna BLAST and LAST.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

Yeah that kit has been tempting me for quite some time now. It would be nice if it came with a head that matches those awesome metra fins. My guess is this would be a solid, reliable cylinder. Plus its an iron bore so you could get oversize pistons and bore it out if you ever seized. Expensive bugger though, considering the 65 metra is only 160ish.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

Yeah... I really wish there was a matching head as well... Oh well I guess you could paint a 50 head black and it would at least look a LITTLE better, but yeah matching one like the 80 would be intense. I'm not super concerned about price... willing to pay so long as it is for quality goods...

So what do you guys think? I'd probably do this with a homoet 8p and then try and gear down to make up some low end. What carb would be best you think? 19mm phbg too big? Damn, if I do this I will definitely let you guys know what is up with it... I'm getting really excited now that I could potentially be a pioneer.. hah.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

I have it, its on the monza 4 speed

80 cc head milled to 50 squish

Port matched

20mm PHBG

Homoet 6 P

I will let you know how it runs.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

just out of curiosity...

how did you make the 6p work with the angled port?

the 20mm carb fits fine? what size is the intake that comes w/ the kit?


with that head... just wondering... do the fins match up? and how much (estimate) did you mill it?

anyway sounds sick hope to hear how it runs

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

I have a simo on my 50cc korado and it runs awesome. I would consider that option if you are going to get the metra 50. I was going to get this kit until I found the korado. I still am thinking about buying one. There is just something about them....

Oh I have a 6p for sale if you are interested. you would have to cut and weld it. email me if you want it!

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

Custom intake, matched to the 20mm

Cut, position and weld on the 6p

I dont know how much we milled off, just trace the 50 piston in the head and mill until you hit that line.

Yes the fins match up

The 19 I think is what the kit comes with as far as an intake

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

um, this guy jim in SF runs one. NO one in the US. hahaha. he says top speed is better on the 50, but acceleration is better on the 65. not sure if he ever had them dialed though.

Re: 50cc metrakit... experiences?

_As far as I know_

Clearly I don't know everybody or everything, but I'm glad people are running these kits here. I think 50cc kits deserve way more attention and respect in general. Faster on smaller displacements= awesomeness.

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