Dellorto SHA Air Filter

I recently swapped out my leaky Bing for a 15mm Dellorto SHA on my Maxi and am trying to figure out about the air filter. I took off the black plastic cover right away and then tuned it in pretty well with a 65 jet. It was 4 stroking a little with a 67 jet so I tried removing the metal mesh and now she rips...Is it a bad move to run it without any filter or is there some other mod that you've done to allow maximum air without the dirt getting in? Thanks.

Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

put a layer of panty hose over it, keep upjetting until you four stroke again, and back down one size.

if you want to buy something, this thing is SHA-specific

Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

dan, ive got an aftermarket foam filter for dellorto SHAs that you can have. they wont fit on my moby.

Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

oops, didnt read the post above me. thats the one (or actually three) that i have.

Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

Just remove a couple of layers of the dellorto filter screens..

I'm too parinoid about using panty hose.. IMO is can get sucked into the carb.

Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

uni filter material.


Re: Dellorto SHA Air Filter

Thanks, Jay; I'd like to give that a try if you didn't mind. See you in the hood.

m6onz5a: That was was I was thinking but didn't see how to get the screens out without destroying the housing.

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