HPI help rd. 2

Ok, so I FINALLY got everything together and was ready to fire up the gila tonight, and I couldnt get spark. I have read the othr posts and looked at the instructions and I think I got it right. I think my problems is that you have to pull the connector apart to get it through the engine case, and I think I might have put the colors back in the wrong order. Would this make it not spark? Can anyone tell me what order they should go in? You know the ones I am talking about right? I think its like blue yellow white maybe.

Help please.

Re: HPI help rd. 2

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

HA! should have wrote it down.

Re: HPI help rd. 2

when looking at the connector(from where the wires enter connector), release tab on top it goes(from left to right): blue white black

Re: HPI help rd. 2

Just box it up and ship it to me already.

Re: HPI help rd. 2

Babooze, thanks.

Creatures. F off. ;)

Re: HPI help rd. 2

Powers in the points?

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