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Just purchased a 78 Batavus Starflite recently and was curious about how I could get it up past 20-24 mph as well as where I could get some legit parts from.

So far I have cleaned the carb til it looks brand new, messed with the fuel air mixture til it idles well, run some sea foam through with the last gallon of gas to clean out old parts, and replaced a leaky fuel line/broken petcock with a new line/shut off valve/filter.

Also, I took apart the block and the head and cleaned them til they shined, an impressive amount of crap came out of the head. As I replaced the block onto the piston I broke the top ring because I failed to notice the "ring stops" and slowly forced it down til it cracked. I am excited to see what it does when I replace the ring soon.

Where can I get new tires?

Mine are kind of dry rotted.

What about drilling the non-removable baffle?

How to I increase acceleration and top end speed?

Currently, I have to use the throttle to really get it up to the top speed or up hills.

How do I safely/fool proof add a Tomos bi-turbo exhaust?

And is that better than drilling the non removable baffle?

How can I reduce weight?

Hit me up with everything you've got about optimizing performance on a Bat! Thanks guys.

Re: Batavus Optimization

It is a Laura M48 with Encarwi 22.

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you can mill the head for higher compression, replace the header with a 26mm pipe then weld an performance expansion chamber in place of the stock muffler, bore out the encarwi or fab a new intake manifold and hook up a dellorto 14.14

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Re: Batavus Optimization

look further down on this forum for "batavus modded". max has been reporting everything that he's done to his batavus, word for word, along with pictures and video.

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That thread Andy mentioned, Hippy's transfer port ponderings, and Mahoney's mobat are 3 recent great batty threads. Snoop around for 'em.

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I also just did a tutorial about the head milling deal; the way I did it anyways, in the wiki.

I'm doing a series of "shop class" style shorts about my mods.

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