Cleaning Hobbit Variator

Lately my variator has not been performing very well. It wont even move until I get up to about 25mph, then it jumps and pulls me up to around 30mph. It feels like it is shifting gears.

I have ridden it with the side cover off and seen that it is not closing all the way.

When I set the "movable face" over the "drive face", it is loose and wiggles. Do you think that means the brass bearing on the movable face is worn out?

Should I grease the movable face and drive face, oil it or nothing at all?

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

The manual doesn't say anything about lubricating the shaft that the moveable shaft runs on. In fact they state that you want to avoid getting grease on the pully faces. In the past I have put only a thinnist smear of grease on that shaft.

More than likely the problem is with the rollers and the ramps that they run on. The plastic guides have a habbit of breaking up and letting the rollers wear sideways.

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

Raymond Rexroad /

I just went out to the garage and played with my spare variator. The movable drive face does "wiiggle" slightly. I held one side, and was able to move the other up/down about 1/32" - not much - hard to see, easy to feel.

I would also agree that something may be wrong with your rollers. Since it is so easy to check, you should.

If the rollers are OK, then I'd say it is the driven pulley (the rear one).

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

I have brand new rollers.

How much force should it take to pull the rear pulley apart? If I squeeze the belt I can get it to open up a bit.

How do I take the rear pulley apart? I have the clutch puller so I can pull it off, but then what?

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

Here are the instructions for opening up the rear variator.

BE VERY CAREFUL The inside (moveable) pully face is very thin and can easily be bent.


Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

Raymond Rexroad /

OK - got home, rolled the belt off my son's Hobbit, and if I press with my two thumbs, I can move the driven pulley face to its full travel stop.

I'd say that I have to press between medium and hard. I can certainly press harder than what it takes to move it. This is one of the difficult to describe things.

If you have average strength, then you should be able to move it with your thumbs. For me, one thumb - no way.

Maybe others can give it a try and chime in . . . .

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

WOW, I had no idea it was supposed to be so loose. I have never been able to push the driven pully in by hand. If I squeeze the top and bottom of the belt I can get it to move a bit but that's it.

I wonder if my driven pulley is just junk now, because I don't know how I am able to take it apart. It stuck to tightly together.

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

Could some one explain to me how to take the rear variator apart? I have removed it from the bike, and taken on the big nut on it. But now what? Do I need a special tool?

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

the problem lies in your weights.. Investigate those.

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

I have brand new stock weights for a pa50II.

Re: Cleaning Hobbit Variator

I soaked the whole rear variator in oil last night and put it on this morning and it is loose again.

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