Batavus pipe Mod

I read in an earlier post about drilling 3 6 mm holes in the non-removable baffle inside a batavus m48 pipe. would this affect my jetting if i drilled these 3 holes. i mam running a 56 jet, and i do not want to have to mess with jetting. would this give me a few more MPH? my bike hits 34 with very little mods. any input?

Re: Batavus pipe Mod

That was probably this thread;

I had done a lot of other work on the bike from milling the head, modding the carb., doing the clutch spring trick as well as doing the muffler. I did the muffler primarily because when the tip fell off, I got better acceleration. So I thought to try (3) 6 mm holes. That way, I could thread a bolt in one or more of them to modify the back pressure.

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