a3 with a35 top end?

i'm probably missing the thread about this, but i searched for info on how to put an a35 top end cylinder on an a3 and couldn't find any info. :(

i know i have to drill out the connecting rod wristpin for the piston from 10mm to 12mm but am not really sure how to go about doing that.

just need some direction on how to go about this.

thanks guys.

Re: a3 with a35 top end?

hmmm, that sounds difficult. has it been done before?

Re: a3 with a35 top end?

Word is that you can press out the old 10mm bushing and press in a puch e50 bushing (12mm).

Re: a3 with a35 top end?

🎨🏆 Duncan /

a3 with a35 top end?

Author: Brennan O. (---.try.wideopenwest.com)


* Date Posted: 04-29-08 11:44

When you press the old bushing out of the crank arm you will see that it is really really thick. It is the same OD(outer diameter) as the new puch bushing that you are going to press in it’s place. It’s really very easy. I don’t have a link for you b/c I grabbed by bushing from a fucked up puch crank I had around.

a3 with a35 top end?

Oh, and Sully feel free to call me if you have any questions on this.

I used a big C clamp and some small sockets to do my pressing(b/c I like doing things on the cheap)

Re: a3 with a35 top end?

awesome! thanks guys. :)

brennan, i'll give you a call sometime this week anyway just to say hello. ;)

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