Kinetic TFR performance gain?

I know Kinetic's are the quickest thing but I have a very nice 1996 Kinetic TFR moped made in india: Under 1500 miles, titled and with the signal pack that is otherwise in GREAT condition.

Is there anything I can do to get more low end out of it? Change the exahust, better carb? I think the cab is stock, it looks like this carb (at least from the outside).

It's got a 50 Jet, less than a year ago I took it all apart, cleaned it and it idled a lot better.

I'd like to get a little more low end. I know its a single speed bike so I'm a bit stuck but is there anything else I can do short of buy a 65 cc kit for it? Open up the exahust, etc?


Re: Kinetic TFR performance gain?

use vespa parts. High comp head will help with low end (make your own) pipe carb all of those things will help you make more power. If your bike is stock that fifty jet is too big. I got more pick up by switching back to the 43(stock jet) and ditching the stock air box for a couple layers of panty hose. This won't make it "fast" just better. BTW the 13/13 carb comes with a 66 jet this will also likley be to big for a non kitted bike.

Re: Kinetic TFR performance gain?

Great - thanks for the tips. If you dont mind can I ask:

Can you tell me more about the high compression head?

Have you ever seen a guide or info on someone making there own pipe for a TFR or opening up the stock pipe more?

I'll find a smaller jet and try that too.

How did you affix the panty hose to the carb?

Re: Kinetic TFR performance gain?

panty hose- take the clamp off your stock box cut some squares of panty place the fabric over the mouth of the carb and slide the clap over it. tighten. don't leave the edges too long but don't cut them so short that you have nothing to hold on to if you want to take them off and put them on again. dig?

Hi comp head- I never see them for sale. take off your head. if there is a gasket leave it out. it might leak it might not. you can use lapping compound so that the surfaces mate properly (do a google search on valve lapping) this will explain how to use the stuff you're just applying it differently. The head can be milled down a bit maybe a millimeter? triple check before you cut any thing!!! I'm just guessing. You can have this done at a machine shop or do it your self with a file. It has got to be absolutely flat!!! If you don't feel confident, don't do it yourself.

Pipes- buy one. The science and math behind making a properly tuned exhaust is mind boggling. The sito pipe ($60) it basically a derestricted stock pipe.

"zippy's": is a good source for stock and some performance parts.

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