A55 Carb Jetting


I'm new to this and looking for a way to get a little more performance out of my 2006 Streetmate. I was looking at getting a Technigas Next R exhaust and a 24 tooth rear sprocket. Originally, I was going to also buy the A55 Speed Kit from 1977 Mopeds (with the UNI Pod Air Filter and the jet kit) but this seems to have disappeared from their web site, and e-mailing 1977 didn't help me much. Does anyone know where I could find a similar kit, or just know what # jet i would have to buy to go with the Technigas Next R and the UNI Air Filter?


Re: A55 Carb Jetting

<a href="http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p_Ysahl1B79WHMUBbvCzNfg">Moped Tuner's Spreadsheet</a>

compare what jets are used once similar mods have been done to similar bikes.

best way is to do some plug chops.

if you don't know how to do a plug chop look it up in the wiki.

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