75cc puch permakit


I was thinking about getting this Kit because everyone in the world seems to be out of anything less... This will be my first kitting and i'm just wondering if anyone else has had experience with it and how it preforms. Also if it requires boring or other types of work that might be out of the norm for the average mopeder.


Re: 75cc puch permakit

BootyClap Ninja /

yeah...you'll have to bore out your cases in order for the bottom end to accept the large piston skirt.

I would stray away from that for your first kit.....its a lot more work.

Also you should be rebuilding your entire engine if you want to run a kit at all. New bearings and Seals all around. Should also upgrade to a good quality crank with needle roller bearings.

Re: 75cc puch permakit

Welp that answers my question then... I guess i'm waiting for the 65cc or 70cc kits to come in... I'm pretty much doing this one peice at a time. Got my Exhaust now i'm working on getting the kit.

Re: 75cc puch permakit

50cc.nl has cheap kits and a solid selection. However their in the Netherlands so it'll take a bit for the parts to come in and all the prices are in euro's.

Re: 75cc puch permakit


Anyone ever use this 65cc arisol kit?... Is it really "just as fast" as the 70cc kits... and how fast can it get?

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