does anyone know where to find an air filter that will fit on this carb, all of the air filters if find are for the phbg carbs, will a phbg filter fit on a phva, any info would be appreciated, thanks


If you measure the diameter of the carb where the filter clamps on you can just go to the website for uni or k&n and find one that will fit right on.


hi, i am about to do some performance upgrade on my tomos streetmate, well i am going to install the a55 bi turbo exhaust, then upjett to maybe a 58 or 60 what do you experts suggest? and then finally install the uni pod air filter and remove the stock airbox.

now can anyone give me any usefull suggestions? also i would like to know about how fast i will go now with the new upgrades...........yes and i do have a the delloroto PHVA carburetor........

thanks markus


well my suggestion is 58 for your jet, that is what i use and right now i have a biturbo and drilled air filter and 58 seems to work good, but get the 60 just incase, my guess would be that with those upgrades you will max out at 40, if you get a different pipe maybe more, biturbo isnt the best but its nice for people low on cash like myself, and as far as which air filter to get, just look at the post right above you,


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