Rim swap 14" to 10"

Help me make a decision...

I'm considering using a PW50 10" rim on the rear of my QT50. Besides looking like a chopper wanna'be tell me why I should or shouldn't?

The gear swaps for the PW and QT are common. I can get a fat 10" pit bike/road tire for it and accomplish the same thing as a gear change, right?

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

Except your gear ratio would get smaller, not bigger. I.e., you would go slower.

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

You would have to change the gearing out to be taller to achieve the same speed as stock. Also the handling would definitely be affected. If you do this, ride it slow at first to get a good feel for it.

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

as long as the number of spokes match up. if you do, sell me the 14 rim if they are 36 spoke!!

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

Not sure on the spoke count but I can sell you an Express rim if it works for you.

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

switch to pw50 gears and you probably won't loose any speed, or atleast you won't lose as much.

Re: Rim swap 14" to 10"

Why would the spoke count matter? The PW50 wheel is a boring stamped steel 3 spoke thing, ride will probably suffer, since it normally runs with a big fat knobby...

So that makes sense, typically the QT50 benefits from the PW higher gears. And the PW has better torque on the low end with the QT gears. Right?

Bah, not sure I'm going to mess with it...

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