Tomos A35- loss Power


My 2001 TOMOS has been losing power. I would average about 35 mph now I am getting a max of 25 mph. I soaked the carb overnight and cleaned it. I reassembled the carb and removed the muffler. Took it for a test drive. Still sluggish and still max 25 mph. Total milage is 10K.

I replaced the park plug about 200 miles ago (Bosna super F75). The plug has a dark tan hue no build up.

Any suggestions for my next move to RESTORE the power I once experienced.

Thank-you in advance !


Re: Tomos A35- loss Power

What year is your tomos? Could be a clogged exhaust if you have 10k on it.

Re: Tomos A35- loss Power

Mike Helwig /

After cleaning the carb. I took off the muffler and test drove the 2001 Tomos. Still ran only 25 mph with the exhaust off the engine.

Tomos A35- loss Power

You should check to make sure your wheels are spinning freely. I had a similar situation once and it turned out one of my brakes was sticking horribly. If that's not the case, I would hook a compression gauge up to see what kind of compression you have.

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