Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

Sooo Looking for more top end on my Urban Express and I was thinking of putting a 16 inch rim on the stock 14 hub . This will also allow me wayyy more tire options .But speed is firstin my book. Anyway has anyone done this . Is it posable to do? I know I will loose use of my rear fender .

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

Ok I checked they both have 28 spokes and the same size hub so maybe I can just get a stosk front and swap rims . Does this sound doable

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Possible but the thing I would be more worried about would be bottoming out on the tank. You would have to get a heavier-duty shock if anything. Or even make a rigid Urban. Of course the bigger rear will change the fork angle on the bike but that might be an improvement. If it were me trying it, I would make sure I have a spare 14" laying around and use that first. Good luck, if you go forward with it let us know how it turns out. Pics too!

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

man i think you might not have enough clearance between the tire and the starter... or wait you may be good if you dont have the deluxe electric start. which version do you have? I dont think I could fit a 16 with a big ol 3.0 on the rear of my deluxe but I have not measured or anything.

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

would a hobbit wheel work? I know it attaches to the gearbox with splines, but I never checked if the splines were the same on the express and hobbit.

how much clearance is there between the axle shaft and the engine? you would need about 11 inches to clear a 16 with a 3" tire.

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

Do it!

If 45 is easy with just a pipe and filter; a kit, pipe, carb and big rear wheel should get you near 60!

You could use a taller shock, or go rigid. Check the geometry and seat angle first by putting a 1" piece of wood under the rear tire, then check clearance by putting that same 1" piece of wood on top of the tire and compress the shock all the way.

Do not put ape hangers on it, they look cool and are fun to ride but over 35 they are hella sketchy.


Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

i dont think it'll clear the back of the engine case or the frame, it's already pretty close as it is

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

I dont have a starter only a kicker and I dont really need a 3.00 but its allready got a 2.75 and clears no prob ,an extra 1/8 on each side , no prob. once the fender and stuff is gone

how would you make it a ridgid Ohhhh nevermind I see but the ride quality would suck

Hobbit ? never really looked close enough to see

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

here is the new perelli front 2,5 x16 sweeeeeet huh?


Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

it's not the 3.0 thats the problem, its the 16-inch rim.. there isnt room for it in the back.

Re: Urban Express 16x3.0 rear tire

Im getting rid of the bistarter airbox case breather autochoke fender ect ect ect .All that junk I dont neeed . looks tight but think its worth a try . If anyone sees the two on ebay that end in 2 days , DONT BID ON THEM PLEEEAAASSSEEE . So that i can afford to make this shit happen . Thanks for understanding , I knew you would. Rick

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