Airsal 65cc

I want my Maxi to be solid daily use bike.

i'm looking for top speed near 40 with out losing all lowend.

i've heard good and bad on the airsal 65cc. Is it a good kit if i'm not looking to race but just keep up with traffic better.

would a this set up get me what i'm looking for?

65cc Airsal (w/ HC head after break in)

14mm bing (with whatever jet the set up likes)

Techno Boss exhaust

Re: Airsal 65cc

Where are you going to get an Airsal kit?

Re: Airsal 65cc

online... i think just about everybody is out of stock but 2 places i've called said they should have them in a few weeks. was one of them.

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Re: Airsal 65cc

Dude, I waited for a month from those guys, they just kept saying, "Yeah we arent sure if we can get them or not" So I emailed Benji, Treats moped store on ebay. And got my kit in a few days. It was the molassi 62cc kit. Its pretty nice.

Re: Airsal 65cc

yeah, but also for $100 more...

Would the set up above get me what i'm looking for?

Re: Airsal 65cc

Raymond Wright IV /

a kit wont do much unless you have a bigger carb and intake.

a pipe and air filter and upjet are your best bets.

Re: Airsal 65cc

I'm rockin an Airsal and I like it a lot... You should be able to hit 40 all day on that. Do you have the 14mm intake to go with the carb? If not, get one... I'd also get one of those 15 dollar high flow filters from Benji and throw a 90 or 92 main jet in there for break in. I'm running an 88 now on a similar setup.. Airsal, 15mm carb and intake, Techno Country and high flow filter... I recommend tightening the clutch springs about 2 turns out from all the way in and 16/45 gearing.

Re: Airsal 65cc

Yes intake is 14mm.

and i have a high flow filter also.

whats your top speed and lowend like with that set up?

Re: Airsal 65cc

bump, need some more insight

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