Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust question

So I've got my 1976 Carabela MotoMatic up and running.

I've yet to tune it up, and it likes to stall if you don't work the gas a bit when idling.

It goes surprisingly faster than I had expected - topping out at about 65km/h.

I'm going to strip down and rebuild the bike (and get it painted) over the winter time, and plan to hopefully get some custom exhaust going.

My question is this - is it possible to modify the biturbo kits; say maybe shape a new pipe going to the biturbo and fit it to my bike? There's not a lot of information on the net about my ped, but it's running a Carabela engine - not the Minarelli V1 as a lot of Carabelas had at one point.

So I guess what I really mean; is if as long as I have it attached with a custom fitting, will it work?

The current muffler actually sits underneath the engine in a pan shape, and just has a tiny tip coming out the side of the engine housing plates.

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

The Carabela engine is a copy of the Minarelli V1. Puch pipes should fit up without too much issue. You probably won't have to make an entire header for a biturbo so much as cut and weld the one it comes with a little bit.

Of course, I've never seen a carabela in person, so this is all just based on what I've read.

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

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Well, this is a picture of the exhaust system on my bike currently:

Does that help you assess it any?

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

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Bleh sorry for the bad goes:

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

Yep. Get a Performance exhaust made for Puch and you'll be able to fit it with very little modification. I'm running a Puch Leovince on my Minarelli engine (which your Carabela engine is a copy of) and all I had to do to make it fit was opening up the holes in the flange (where it blots to the cylinder) because the studs on the cylinder were slightly closer together on the Minarelli cylinder. I also had to make a mounting brocket on the other side of the bike, since Puch exhausts are on the opposite side. See the attached pic for results.


Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

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Daaaamn that's awesome.

Come winter, I'll be getting this thing suped up! :D

By the way - where is a good place to get replacement moped wheels for Carabelas (assuming yours is one too)

Mine are quite rusted, and those rim like ones on yours look sick!

Re: Bi-Turbo exhaust/general custom exhaust questi

Any 16" wheels made for mopeds with Minarelli, Morini, or Garelli engines should fit. Take some pictures of the brake hub area on your front and back wheel and post it up on this thread so we can take a look and make sure what I'm telling you is right. eBay or Handy Bikes will probably end up being your best bet for sourcing them.

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