64cc Polini+4-p reedvalve+spacer?

I'm planning on putting the 4 petal reed valve on my 64cc Polini kit so that I can get a 19 or 21mm Dellorto on top. I'm running a Techno Estori on the bottom. I can see that I'll have to shave of some fins from my cylinder and head for the carb to fit. I was wondering what others have done. I was thinking of getting one of the ZA50 Polini intake spacers, in order to cut fewer fins off. Can the reed valve be mounted facing the rear as well? Are there any problems/performance drawbacks with making intake extensions, such as two curved pipe fittings to get the carb just up and over the cylinder? If anyone has this set up, is a 21mm overkill (as in, will you feel little difference between the 19 and 21mm?) Thanks,


Re: 64cc Polini+4-p reedvalve+spacer?

Don't waste money on the spacer to save from cutting 1/4" of your fins off.

-If you run the polini 4 pedal setup you will need to cut all the little fins off the top of the cylinder + most of the 2 large fins on the top. On the cylinder head you will need to remove all the center fins but can leave the left and right fins intact.

-If you get the malossi 4 pedal setup you will only need to remove the center fins on the polini and the head.

21mm will work just fine, especially if you have port matched the case and opened the intake ports on the polini up.

Motomatic has made a number of rear facing and side facing intakes for the 4 pedal set-up. Get in contact with Mike or Nate to see about having one made. Other option is to use radiator hose and pipe fittings as an extension to get the carb where you want it (not ideal or pretty but it works). Forward facing is just fine, I ran mine this way but picked up a UNI filter with a metal plate on the top to keep the ram air effects of a forward facing carb to a minimum.

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