14mm puch bing 18

I have a sachs with a 505/1d. im pretty sure the 12mm on there is not enough for it. would a 14mm bing from a puch be better? would it fit on my manifold? The carb says bing 18 on the side. does the 18 mean anything because its suppsed to be a 14mm. Ive seen the round puch bing and herd that it can fit on sachs but this one is more square and i didnt know if it would work. do the puch bing jets that are available everywhere work with it? Thank you

Re: 14mm puch bing 18

Стев Браун /

The "Bing 18" you're referring to is from the Korado. Its true inner diameter is more like 14mm. It _does not_ take the same jets as a standard round Bing.

Re: 14mm puch bing 18

Thank you. jets are probably impossible to find for it then.

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