Got my LTD Bars and boss from treats....

And they rock!!! Put the bars on there first. need to fab up a custom dash to hold everything, clean up the wiring mess, and do somthing about the long-ish control cables, but with those it really puts a good touch on a magnum. dare i say, more motorcyclish?

then the boss....i have deceided to modify the pipe to fit the magnum cylinder, and play around with 50cc's and see what I can accomplish speed wise. so cut and weld and cut and weld and fit and cut the shit back off and weld again and so on and so forth. now that I've done it once, i think the next time will be easier. And then i cut off the mounting bracket and flattened it out alot and put it on the other side of the pipe and with a bolt and a spacer (i.e. a nut and a washer) and some welding. I am actually very pleased on how the whole project came out. Bolted her on, and went for a test run. cant see the speedo cuz its dark and the blub is burnt out, but even without tuning and upjeting and the sort, i am pleased with performance. actually seemed to help lowend a little, atleast it didn't hurt it. top speed bumped up maybe 5mph to 35 if i had to guess. yay!!

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