av7 vs av10

can anyone tell me the differance between them is one better than the other and why? thanks ken

Re: av7 vs av10

Re: av7 vs av10

please use the search function or the wiki this topic has been beat to death.

basically the av7 is piston ported and the usa motor for mobys there are very few cylinder kit options if any for this motor

the av10 is a case inducted reed valve motor that was not used on bikes in the usa but mounts in the same fasion as the usa av7 motors. it has a bit more power stock however th real value of it lies int he amount of after market support it has.

while there are no kits for the av7 there are 6 or 7 choices for the av10

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thanks sorry i am new to this forums shit but thanks for the help can you convert a av7 into an av10??? it would be just to change the top end out right??

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nah. its a top and bottom job..

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so it can't be done

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it can totally be done! i'm doing it right now. expensive, but fun, and hopefully worth it. treats has pretty much everything you need. jesse can make you an av10 nut for your flywheel, and there is endless amounts of info on it here. just search the performance forum.

do it. it's rad.

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I'd much rather like to believe that it can be done, you just need some C channel a welder a milling machine or a lathe

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well you cant really convert one to the other, by the time you were done you would have just replaced all your engine parts anyways. you can build one from the ground up... treatshq has literally everything you'd need to do it... but even if you bought the cheapest of each component he has to offer, youre talking $1000 just to get started.

Re: av7 vs av10

not true at all. i just got everything i need from treats for around 500 and change. still expensive, but far short of 1000. and yes, its a whole new engine more or less.

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crank - 135

cases - 150

variotop - 222

simonini pipe - 160

Airsal 50cc kit - 65

Thats already over 700 dollars, and that doesnt even include a head, any electrical, carb, etc. i dont know what you got from him, but obviously it was not enough to build a complete functioning engine from the ground up, and thats what my statement was based on... building a complete engine component by component.

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u guys buy too much lol, u only need the cases the intake/reeds, a carb, and a top end dudes.

mod the stock variator and make ur own spring.

well under 500

here is somthing new, list of all the stuff u don't need to buy to go av10:






clutch pulley

you don't even need an av10 top end!!!!

I ran this for a bit when i was in between setups and experimenting, worked great. bolted up intake av7, malossi 62 kit on av10 bottom.

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ahhh i know i know, you dont usually need everyting. but if you were sitting in an empty room. with nothing but tools and money. and you had to build an av10 engine. and you were going to use only treatshq to get parts from. then thats what it would cost you.

i get that a lot of us already probalby have most/a lot of the parts you'd need to build an av10, but that estimate is based on if you have absolutely NOTHING.

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I like your pedal chain, real clever.

Re: av7 vs av10

Elliot, I think something is wrong with your pedal chain. you might want to have that looked at.

Re: av7 vs av10

man, WHAT IS UP with everyone beating my witty comments by seconds today? you all are making me look like a redundant fool.

Re: av7 vs av10

lol that pic is full of great info, can u find em all!

the pedal chain mod

bolted up intake on av10

av10 cdi wiring how to, lol

av10 head on av7 cylinder

cracked gas tank welded up with gas tank putty fix

if it was a little lower u'd even see how the kick stand mount needs to be cut to mount a ninja pipe. o well i wasn't as clever last year.

too bad that bike was totaled, the beat frame is now on the wall in 1977 mopeds SF, and actually my new setup uses none of those parts in that photo, not even the old av10 bottom end.

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steve, i was talking about using most of the parts that elliot listed from the av7. even if you dont have an av7, you could buy one and pull what you need for a lot less than ordering everything new. you are right though. if you were buying everything brand new you would be spending a small fortune. i figured we were talking about a conversion based on the thread. so yeah, sorry for the confusion. friends? yeah, friends.

Re: av7 vs av10


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