Breaking in new Vespa gears

What's the break-in procedure for new final drive gears?

Re: Breaking in new Vespa gears

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i dont think you have to break in gears

Re: Breaking in new Vespa gears

hey james, glad to hear you got the gears.

just go a bit slow at first, you'll hear your engine having to work harder for the first 10 miles or so. after about 20 miles or so, it might be a good idea to retighten the rear hub case.

after a 30 miles, you're pretty much broken in. i noticed this with both the 9.5:1 Vespa gears and the 9:1 malossi gears.

Probably one of my favorite upgrades for the grande.

Re: Breaking in new Vespa gears

Thanks Mike! I am looking forward to putting them in there, probly tomorrow afternoon.

How much top end did they add for you? I'm guessing it's not quite as straightforward as the simple mathematics of 45@whatever rpm@12:1 vs ??@same rpm@9.5:1. If it is, I'm looking at a 55mph Grande, which is going to be pretty scary (and fun) even with the Grande's good stability.

Re: Breaking in new Vespa gears

i can't remember the sequence of upgrades i made at the time with the gears (i think i regeared before 64cc kitting), but i believe it added about 5 mph, initially. more noticably, the grande felt like it "belonged" more at higher speeds, giving an overall smoother and more comfortable ride above 35mph.

good luck!

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