Tuning my Pinto...

I bought this 78' Pinto about a week ago, I love it!!

I have been messing with Tuning it, It has a 14mm carb, 72 jet, Magnum intake & a Tecno Estoril pipe.

I cleaned the carb, but sometimes it doesnt wanna idle the best unless the idle is somewhat high.

It runs great other than that, does about 35 so the speedo says. I plan on cleaning the points, checking timing & seeing if that helps. Maybe also getting a 15mm carb & intake.

I want to also do some cosmetic mods aswell, the stand right now is hose clammed up, the PO said it didnt work with the Estoril pipe but i have seen plenty of others working fine. So i need to get a spring and try it out. I also wanna try to make a custom seat so it is lower, already cut a 1" off of the post.

Any advice would be great!! I really need to meet up with some Ghostriders on Moped Mondays

crappy cell phone photo's

me on the ped... i need to get a better helmet i know

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

First off. you don't need a larger carb outright. You can drill that one out to make it larger. Secondly, Search puch seat mod on here. I am not posative, but I think it will work for this bike same as the maxi.


If I get mine running right today I am going to head to Bob's after he gets home from work. You should do the same.

And you should do some plug chops to see if you are running lean or rich. That could help your idle issue. How does it idle with the idle screw turned in more?.

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

You probably don't need a bigger carb to go faster. I've seen 12mm do nearly 45. Check your timing, clean your points, put in a nice fresh plug, and work on raising your compression. A high compression head can be made (search) or purchased. Higher compression will mean more torque, and generally the ability to go faster. If you can raise compression high enough you can open (widen/raise) your exhaust port and go super fast!

This may sound silly, but maybe even try a smaller front sprocket. Having ridden an estoril on all stock, they struggle to truly hit until you get going down hills. If this is your case, throw on a 14 (if you have 15x40) or whatever to shorten the gearing to get your rpms up.

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

Yeah i need to get a new plug & check my mixture, also check my compression & timing.

Id like to go faster 45 would be sweet, without spending a ton

of $$.

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

I also need to do a plug chop. I saturated my plug though and can't find a proper plug socket...

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

if you get that ped running, you and bob should cruise to my house. Cant leave tonight, but Friday i could

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

So my Pinto has been running pretty good, only problem is

I'll be cruising WOT for about a mile or two, start coming up

to a light and back of the throttle and apply brakes.

I'll be idling at the light, but if i start to give it gas it bogs and dies.

I get it started, let it idle. Slowly give it gas and get it rev higher than idle

and then im fine. Take off again and cruising fine.

I have cleaned the carb a few times, Dont know if my fuel filter is

clogged or something like that. Has good flow of gas coming out.

I wanna get a better air filter for it, dont know if that will help.

When i first start it up, it runs great.

Thoughts ??

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

Have you tried adjusting your needle? On my maxi, I can have it one notch too rich and it bogs bad when it starts moving, and has to have a high idle. Lean it out one notch and cleared it all up. But it seems weird for you that it is on and off, not always happening. Joe

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

Milwaukeedave /

upjet, i had the same problem on my express till i drilled out the jet a couple of sizes

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

oh its always happening mostly when i come to a stop. go to take off and bog!

which way on the needle would i need to go ?? im a the second notch from the top now

Re: Tuning my Pinto...

I will try to upjet aswell, have a 72 in there now. Would like to get a different air filter also

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