Basic E50 Puch help needed

Hi, I am pretty now to the moped scene. I picked up a Sears Free Spirit. I believe it is a 78-80 but am unsure. The neck tube sticker is gone.

This Puch E50 powered ped tops out at 20. I am hoping to get it going a little faster without spending a much $$$.

I took apart the cigar muffler to drill the restriction cross tubes out. They are already removed. The Bing 12mm carb has a 54 jet.

I would have hoped with the exhaust restriction gone that this ped would do at least 25.

Please let me know if the jet size seems incorrect, or if you have any advice to get this going a little faster on the cheap.

Thanks! This is a great site and community!



Re: Basic E50 Puch help needed

first off what's the gearing? I've seen 11-16 tooth front sprockets on e50's which will make a BIG difference in top speed.

45 teeth on the rear is the most common..


Re: Basic E50 Puch help needed

decarbonize EVERYTHING (see Puch manual), mill your head and run it without a head gasket (need clean, even surfaces), drill your carb/intake from 12 to 14mm, lose the second half of your air box and replace the filter element with panty hose, rejet after any/all of those steps (and clean the carb while you're at it), get a larger front sprocket (i'd just go one tooth bigger), be sure that your tank is decently clean and that the gas is flowing freely to the carb (in-line fuel filter is a personal mandatory), clean your points real nice and reset the gap, check if your timing is correct, clean the drive chain and sprockets (lubricate the chain), clean and repack your wheel bearings with fresh grease if they don't spin super freely, and most importantly SEARCH :-)

i've done all of that on a puch that I sold this year (except the carb/intake drilling), and it went from 17mph to 30mph. exhaust was derestricted like yours.

Re: Basic E50 Puch help needed

Some of the freespirits were 1HP. That means that the intake on the cylinder is severely restricted. You will need to dremel the restriction out or find another puch cylinder. Do a search here to find out how others have dealt with the 1HP cylinder

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