Leo vince on a ciao.

The Pollni 77 has looks lame. Treats doesn't have the Simonini any more. Found a Leo Vince for the Grande in 50cc. Anybody know if it'll clear the pedals on a Ciao? I can deal with losing the center stand but pedal interference is kinda a deal breaker for me. I know they're essentially the same engine but the ciao is so small, could it hit the back wheel?

Re: Leo vince on a ciao.

Back wheel should be fine, I don't know about the pedals. It's got plenty of room on the Grande...do the Grande and Ciao use different pedal shafts? I've never compared mine now that I think about it. If they are the same then it would stand to reason that the pedals would clear.

Re: Leo vince on a ciao.

Also I should add that I have the Leo HM which is a Proma Circuit copy, not the normal one.

Re: Leo vince on a ciao.


Where did you get a HM? Do you have a picture?


I just put the Polini "stomach" pipe that zippy has on my Grande. It fits perfect even with the passenger pegs. Good low end and pretty good top speed. A little pricey. No Kickstand or pedal issues.

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Sorry I was talking about the HM. Would I be right is assuming a leo vince is gonna be better than a Polini.

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Got it from Angelo, Tyson. It's a pretty rockin pipe, great top end and didnt hurt the low end.

I have heard that the Polini is not as good as something like a Simo Circuit or Proma.

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By stomach pipe do you mean the Polini with the expansion chamber wrapped around the head, not the small straight expansion Polini?

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I am referring to This One

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Few words about ciao I have tried some ciao perfs exhausts , the simonini serpentin ,the polini sp ,top one ,so far my choice is for the top one polini ( don't buy cheap it's not worth it)

Why?Noise performance and built quality ...simos are loud mfuckers and they'll get louder if you have a stronger engine (something that sellers don't really tell you when they cash your money) making you a perfect target for noise complain by cops and the old fart next door,

My Italian beauty sports a carb 13/13 (71 jet) a polini 63cc, and the top one polini exhaust I blew the speedo at over 40miles ph.after that a ciao become perhaps a bit too airborne.

you can make those transfomations in one afternoon !!

Ciaos are too sexy !check treats on ebay and zippymopedparts.com


Re: Leo vince on a ciao.

sweet, my old thread is back.

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