engine noisy?

i've just installed the 80cc gilardoni reed valve kit on my 80 mk2 and i got it running with rigged up carb and intake. i did not ride it knowing that the carb is too small , but i did let it idle and the engine seems chingy sounding. i have a 21mm dellorto coming so i won't ride it til then. i did pull the plug and rolled motor over by hand and nothing seems to be hitting. could it be detonating at idle? or are these engines noisy after they are modded? there is only 2500 miles on it and the engine was very clean internally. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Re: engine noisy?

your prob just not used to a loud kit

but dont do silly things like run your 800cc hila on a stock carb dude.

enought real risks for blowin shit up without doing shit like that.

Re: engine noisy?

i know, i know, that carb is way to small , i just had it idling, not gonna run it til i get my 21mm , should have it friday. i was just a little concerned cuz of grind'n the case n all. are all these big bores noisy?

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