smaller dell'ortos in puchs

Hey all,

I'm on the lookout for a 15mm bing carb, but in the case that I can't find one soon enough for my liking, I'm wondering if the 15mm dell'orto pull choke carbs (not pgbh) will fit / work as long as i get the correct intake manifold. I know with the bigger sizes (19 etc) there are some issues, but I haven't heard about the smaller sized ones...

Any info greatly appreciated

Re: smaller dell'ortos in puchs

I have a 14/12 dellorto that fits great on a 14mm bing intake.

Re: smaller dell'ortos in puchs

kinda tricky but not really. larger dellorto's (as in 15.15 and 16.16) have a 21mm clamp mount and the bing is 20mm clamp mount. The largest bushing available for the SHA is 19x21. Basically you do make it work by making your own bushing. Some 14.12's have 20mm so they go right without the bushing. Or you could a dellorto manifold.

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