Gearing... acceleration problem?

Hey, so I'm planning on gearing up my stock newport for more top end... but I'm wondering just how severe the torque loss would be.

I only weigh 130-135 so weight shouldn't be a huge problem, plus I have an estoril pipe on there... do you guys think the bottom end loss will be very significant?

Also, do you think I could gain around +2-3 mph from gearing... cause if not I'd just as soon leave it alone.

Thanks a bunch

Re: Gearing... acceleration problem?

what gearing do you have, what are you thinking on changing it to?

Re: Gearing... acceleration problem?

Hey... current gearing is 14:45... what would you recommend as a good setup for more top end... and again do you think the acceleration would be drastically different in a bad way? Thanks in advance

Re: Gearing... acceleration problem?

you can go as high as 16t in the front w/o any grinding.

I have a 16:45 setup and I weigh almost 200lbs and it pulls me fine.

Re: Gearing... acceleration problem?

I ran 17:45 and didn't have to grind the front to accommodate the larger sprocket. 14:45 is a totally acceleration biased gearing. I think you'll be pleased with the top speed increase if you bump up to 16:45.

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