clutch springs

So, I've got a '80 qt50, with the boyesen reeds installed but otherwise stock. I installed a set stiff yt60 springs in the clutch on sunday and then took it to work this morning. I should mention that before the spring switch it ran perfectly (although, of course, acceleration was a bit slow). Now, I got about 1.5 miles from home and it up and died. It surged a couple times, then quit. It restarted just fine, and seems to idle a lot faster than normal too. I did not change the idle screw at all. So, it starts up and runs alright, but now when i give it gas it will either bog and die right away, or accelerate really really slowly, surging the whole time, and then quit about 1/4 mile down the road. I can only think that its the springs. Do i need to do some sort of adjustments to the clutch with the new springs? Is the stock qt50 engine too weak to handle the stiffer springs? When I put the crankcase back together i used the only oil i could find, which was 10w-30, and i cant remember if thats correct or not - would the oil make this problem?


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