Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

Hey guys. Plan is to find a 70cc athena reed kit for my newly aquired Magnum. I've done a good amount of searching, and am dissapointed with my findings. Apparently some people go 45mph with it, some go 65mph. What I'm saying is I want those of you who have used this kit think of it in all aspects. Quality, reliability, top speed, etc. If possible I would like to make this thing a 55-60 mph ped, yet still be able to pull shot, moderate hills that are in my area.

For those of you who acheive those speeds, what's your set up, and what, if any, changing you did to port timing, size, shape, etc. This is alot to ask, but any input will be helpfull.


Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

I have the 70cc kit on my maxi, I'd say quality wise the kit is somewhere in the midrange. I had a screw strip out on the reed block just unscrewing it to replace the reeds, and had to chase the threads where the intake and reed block bolt onto the cylinder.

Power wise, I am up to 45 mph so far. My pipe is holding back the top end, and I'm quite heavy for a moped, plus its still running rich. I think there is some more in it with more tuning.

Setup is:

19mm phbg

leo vince hm pipe

ported case to match

18xstock gearing

boyensen carbon reeds

50cc HC head

I am going to be nailing down the jetting more, swapping out the pipe, trimming the intake on the piston. I think that will get me up to the 50mph range but it doesn't seem like a 55+ kit to me.

Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I wouldn't recommend it. I guess you could say they are a cheaper kit (what, like 240 or something) but then add carbon reeds, HC head, etc.

My friend has one and its decent, I think it probably does like 45 with an estoril, but tuning it is tricky, and in riding it, there just isn't much power, not like a polini.

So yea, I'd get a polini. Sure they break, but all kits have the potential to do so, and cost is close, maybe a little higher for a polini w/ 4 petal reed block. The power difference is night and day. Either that or go gilardoni because that is the best deal for a kit/HC head.

Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

if you want to go 50-60mph i would go with a metra80cc and if you got lucky you found a gila80cc reed valve it would make you more than happy.

i love my gila

Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

left cylinder=ported exhaust port

right cylinder=stock exhaust port


Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

thats huge? whats top speed with that monster?

Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

I had a 70cc athena kit, was amazingly powerful, no reedvalve (i know they don't sell them anymore)

easily went over 45, somewhere in the 50's most likely.

i'm a light rider as well





Re: Athena 70cc Reed valve kit

Mine did 55, but thats it. My 65 metra was faster, but I didnt do any port work to the cylinder.

21 phbg

custom intake

Boss pipe (tried estoril as well)

roller crank

carbon reeds

Its a very torquey kit. No matter what gearing i threw on it, the low end stayed the same, but i hardly gained any top.

Theres some power to be had if you port it, butthe reed cage is pretty restricting.

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