embarassing myself

I wasn't even trying to, but I pushed it. I kept trying to get rid of all the nicks and grooves, and I kept removing material, and then I saw this deep nick and I was like 'what the fuck is that?' and 'why can't I ever get it out despite the massive amount of material I'm removing. Turns out it's the bolt hole. The threaded side.

Behold, my first case matching mistake (on my first case matching attempt):

Not the oil hole, but the little one, just a little to the right. Yup, that's it. That there.

I know Tommy just posted about this. The consensus seemed to be JB weld. However, I'd like to get some aluminum TIG'd in if I can, and sort of start over. I was shooting for a flawless mirror finish, and I kind of still want that.

Re: embarassing myself

aarrrrrggghhh I think you cut me too deep man!! cough cough

Re: embarassing myself

Jeez, what kit are you matching to? That port looks pretty big...

Re: embarassing myself

remember you are trading velocity for volume too big and the fuel air mix wont be forced fast enough and will actually be slower

looks like you made some scrap cases!

embarassing myself

Fred Melonhead /



... we've all made mistakes like that ... some more ... some less .. funny to see others

... can't remember any recent ones of mine at the moment (?)

Re: embarassing myself

It will be fine. Any loss of velocity for low end will be compensated by more volume to be sucked up for the high end.

Re: embarassing myself

yeah u won't lose low end really, creature bella's polini 4pedal setup is ported as deep as you can go and it shreds on lowend even with a boss.

jbweld duder, or have it welded up for realz, its ur call.

Re: embarassing myself

It's a reed valve kit with a HUGE intake port, so I'm not too worried about it. Also, it's a 50cc kit, so it should move through the revs pretty quickly anyway (hopefully!). I'm going to get my new con rod pressed in today, and I'll ask my guy if he knows of anybody local who welds aluminum. If not, JB weld it is.

Thanks for the support!

Re: embarassing myself

osprey of Dee'z loinz /

yeah, i know some dood, that takes things way out intentionally and goes backin with the jb... don't sweat it dood.

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