NOI High Compression Heads

So today I was working on my garelli and somehow I fucked up the threads on the head when I was doing my plug chops (tuning). I really don't want to go through the process of using a tap and a helicoil to re-thread it. I was wondering if there were any high compression heads about that I haven't been able to find?

If not, which I'm betting is the case, maybe this is an opportunity to get a new one and mill it down. Anybody have any extra noi heads?

Puch heads don't work--I tried.

Re: NOI High Compression Heads

NOI parts are rare as hell. I have been trying for weeks to find a stock cylinder for less than $90 to no success.

Re: NOI High Compression Heads

what's even worse, make sure you get the right NOI head. They're not all interchangeable.

Re: NOI High Compression Heads

Dammmmnnnnn Alex that helicoil sounds pretty good about now doesnt it

Re: NOI High Compression Heads


ive got a stock cylinder and piston.... e mail me

Re: NOI High Compression Heads


oh dude, if you don't get to derek, you can email me, I have that stuff. (cylinder and piston)

wow, I can't believe I fucked this up so bad.

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