Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

So, i was reading a translated version of the metrakit directions, in the wiki, and it says "Slow down or retard the point of ignition by 1.8 mm to 2mm before top dead center."

Ok, so, i need to make the points open later. How do i do this? Just turn the stator more clockwise? Help me out, please.

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

i think the wiki must be wrong put a link to that page so someone can correct it.

retarding the timing means making the points open later in the cycle or closer to TDC while advancing timing means making the points open earlier in the cycle before TDC. The points should always open before top dead center.

ie if the points are opening at 2mm before top dead center than they are more ADVANCED than if the were opening 1mm before top dead center.

get it.

to adjust the timing to more advanced you can make the gap wider or rotate the stator in the opposite direction the motor is spinning (on a puch e50 that would be clockwise). and vise versa for more retarded.

Now as far as those directions go, regarding timing for metra 80 kit, i wouldn't follow them since they have obviously been poorly translated and he directions that come with kits often are not correct due to the fact that kits are not always designed for the bike you are putting it on. Metra 80s are not designed for puch e50's, fyi.

I have heard that that kit likes a bit more retarded timing than usual. 2mm BTDC is a bit on the advanced side of the spectrum, but I could be wrong about what metra 80s like, I never ran one.

be careful tho timing that is too advanced will blow-up ur kit (even if it feels good), because it will bring more heat in to the cylinder, so watchout, and consult some metra 80 users.


Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

"(on a puch e50 that would be clockwise)"

sorry on a puch e50 it would be counter clockwise to advance the timing


Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

I was gonna say.....I run mine fully advanced on my 80 metra.

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

So, since this is my first time dicking with this type of thing, you think i should try it at like, 1.5 mm before TDC? How can i tell how far i'm adjusting it? A little step by step outline of the process would be awesome, then i would put it in the wiki, too.

Thanks for the info Elliot, and Tommy. Any more info you, or anyone, can give me regarding fucking with the timing would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

Ok, so ive been thinking. So, i should put my engine at TDC, push the cylinder down 1.5 mm, and my points should be beginning to open at that point. Right? or am i completely off base with that? I know how to adjust the points. So should i just position the stator slightly counterclockwise of the center of the mounting hole on the stator, and then just adjust from there by moving the points around? Or, once again, am i completely wrong there?


Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

2nd what tommy said

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

What you would do is turn your flywheel clockwise by hand until you find top dead center. then turn it counterclockwise until your piston backs up 1.5mm or 1.8mm or 2mm or whatever it is that you want. thats where you want your point s to start opening. adjust your stator by loosening the mounting screws and turning the whole stator plate to the appropriate position. this will take a little while to get right. after you find the right spot, tighten down the stator mounting screws. now set your points gap to what you want it to be. I usually set mine at 0.016", but you might wnat it a little bigger or smaller depending on how advanced or retarded your stator position is set at.

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

my metra liked 2.0mm btdc. never tried any other settings so good luck.


Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

hey man make ur life easy and just set the stator to full advance then adjust the points so that the moment they open is exactly 2mm before top dead center, dunno y i thought 80s liked a more retarded setting, do what the others with metras say when it comes to the exact amount.

Re: Retarding timing for metrakit 80cc?

thanks a lot dudes!

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