Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

Yo Yo, Just took apart my three shoe clutch on my bike, was trying to tune it a little better, and came across something real interesting, two of the three shoes had lining on them that was starting to disintegrate and crumble, one was totally destroyed and the other was missing a solid little piece. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do, or what went sour?? Any suggestions would be great. I don't really want to buy one of those $100 clutches, but don't want another $50 one fall apart. Thanks!!

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

I got the 100 dollar one and haven't installed it yet. It looks tough, but it's super fucking heavy. They added some extra plates on top of the shoes. I have no idea why they would do this. I'm going to save mine until my stock three shoe is dead, but will probably try to remove those plates to lighten it up...

Crumbling pads? What kind of tranny fluid are you running?

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

I think those extra plates are to stiffen it up, so the clutch doesn't warp as it starts to grab. I don't know tho cause I haven't really looked at it. I'm using type f, which is what I ran all day everyday with my stock two shoe clutch, no problem - o. I know people have their own opinions, but I haven't had time to try any of that amsoil stuff that some of the west coasters are using. I think the clutch must just be really crappy. I mean, they just straight crumbled.

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

You might be right. You might be right about those plates, but a stock three shoe Puch one doesn't have them. I mean, it's fucking heavy dude.

Matt W tried it and couldn't get it to spin up fast enough to do anything, no matter how tight he made the screws. Put his other three shoe back on and it was fine... Another dude in Seatle said he's running it with one full 360 turn out from all the way in and it crushes.

I'll definitely try it out as is before I start lightening it up... The springs on it look kinda weak to me, which is a bummer since I figured everything about this clutch would be super. I'm not going to knock it until I try it though... They are thinner and hence have more coils than the Blue springs on my stock three shoe...

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

i just saw a 3 shoe with the same symptoms - the crumbling failure.

I think it just was toast, like the tune on the clutch too aggressive and it spent more time slipping and getting hot than grabbing. Its fine to tune the clutch so that when it finally grabs you're just dropping into your pipe or whatever, but the longer it takes to grab the more heat its going to generate and its lifespan will be less.

I'd try the transoil, good results all around from what i have read.

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

i run the super clutch in my gila kitted bike

its super fucking heavy but i have no issues with it...does not slip and the bike is super fast

i run transoil.

my super clutch came from the inside of my korado

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

Do you know, is it the 10/40 or 10/30 transoil that everyone is using? Thanks. Also, I think I just got a really crappy aftermarket three shoe clutch. After messing with different springs, and different depths on the set screws, I thought I had it good. It was working sweet for like the first 500 miles or so, then it started to slip a bunch, I left it like that for another 500 miles or so, cause I'm a poor/lazy bastard. Maybe that was the problem, I should have checked it right away. Pulled it apart last night thinking the set screws loosened themselves up, and found the disaster. I was just checking the lining from the stock two shoe compared to the three shoe, and the three shoe is way way softer, almost able to put my fingernail into it. Might be time to spend some monies on a real expensive one. Hope it makes a difference.


Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

Thats what every three shoe I have ever had looked like. They are junk.

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

I've never seen a 3 shoe after market cheap o clutch in person, but with my stock 3 shoe clutches, it wouldn't be hard to swap in the normal two shoe arms. Could you swap out your busted arms on your 3 shoe plate with some stock two shoe arms?

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

im running 5w-20 in my gila :O runs great.

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

did u sand down the "humps" before u installed it?

also yeah those clutches blow.

Re: Busted ass puch 3 shoe clutch

The lining material on the cheap 3 shoe clutches blows.

I have a new Treats Super Super clutch sitting in front of me... I personally think the shoes are way too heavy but the lining is much longer and feels/looks like a better quality.

I am going to mill off the extra plate and install some Paz springs.

Also you cant use the optional clutch "brace" on the super super because the extra weights are actually higher than the pins so the shoes rub on the brace.

If I had to do it over I would buy the "super" clutch... it looks to be the same but without the extra weights on the shoes... and it cheaper lol

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