Tomos with no exhaust

I ran my Tomos lx without an exhaust for a little bit, and found significant performance gains. I put it back on when a friend told me it might burn up a seal in the engine. Is there any negatives to running without an exhaust? (besides a noise ordinance)

Re: Tomos with no exhaust

yes. a exhaust is crucial to black flow into the cubustion chamber. Running without it is risking screwing it up big time. Go read up on freds guide in the wiki to understand better why

Re: Tomos with no exhaust

connor sloat /

yea i have the same bike and i did the same thing but i put it back on

Re: Tomos with no exhaust

clean your exhaust or get a biturbo /estroil/next

Re: Tomos with no exhaust

The stock exhaust on that bike is fairly restricted, designed to keep the power down to keep it legal. It should do a solid 30ish with the stock exhaust. If it does less clean the exhaust, or it could be a good excuse to replace it with a better pipe. You really do want an exhaust.

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