Puch Performance Tuning

So I just purchased my third moped last week, and I'm thinking that it needs some help so it can keep up with the hobbit and the mobylette. I got this puch and I want to build it up so it is fast and reliable. What are some good cylinder kits? I see that 1977 has that 80cc jobber, but is that thing going to give me headaches? my padre has a machine shop so fitting it should be an issue. What about exhausts? I was thinking of using a little makuni flatslide i found in his shop... suggestions would be appreciated

Re: Puch Performance Tuning

80 metra small port on an e50 is awesome. On a za50 you have to add material to the case because of the transfers. On both you have to cut the case to fit the kit. exhaust ports are angeled so a homoet 8p or a simonini but pedals might be a problem.

24mm Mikuni would be awesome with it as well but its alot of tuning and matching you will be facing with this whole setup.

Re: Puch Performance Tuning

But if you do, you'll be hitting 60 with an 80cc and 24mm carb.

Re: Puch Performance Tuning

Thanks for your input, i think I am going to give it a whirl this fall/winter.

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