EBR clip ons

So I have a puch maxi length ebr's and i have a set of clip on bars for them. I had thought that things were going to work out fine until i mounted my seat today. The angle that i am sitting at puts so much pressure on the clip ons that no matter how hard I tried I could not get them to stay in place.

The bars where properly shimmed and everything when they went on. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar with their bike and what possible solutions could be.

Re: EBR clip ons

You probably already checked but is the bottom triple tree goodntight cuz that will cause the cliponz to move...have not seen this specimen so I could be way off...maybe a "bite washer" like peugoets have between the top plate and tube ...have you determined which part slips ?

Re: EBR clip ons

Pablo Puchasso /

hahaha. Right turn Clyde. Classic Eastwood.

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