Need help Tuning 15mm Delotro Carb on Peugeot 103

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Hey Guys im asking here hoping somebody here can help me out a bit. I have a 1980 Peugeot 103 LVS U3 and it is bone stock. I pulled the baffel out of the stock exhaust and had a new external coil put on it. Other than that was totally stock. Was running great with the stock Gutner Carb and intake. Would top out at about 30 mph and had decent low end torque. Well I wanted to get a bit more speed out of it so I hit treats up on ebay for the items I should get. Well he sold me a 15 mm Delotro carb, and the Malossi 4 petal reed cage intake manifold.

I put it all on today and started her up it started fine but seems to have lost a lot of power and barley accelerates up to 25 mph. I figured must be the jetting so I took out the stock 68 jet that the new carb came with and moved down to a 64, was a little better but still nowhere near the low end power that it used to have and a lower top end now. I then put in a 60 jet and it runs a little better than the 64 but not much. Ive tried a 57 jet problem is worse, ive tried a 69 jet and 73 jet the 73 jet blows a lot of smoke running really rich. So im at a loss for what the problem with it is. From all the reading ive done it should have given it a substantial increase in power putting the new carb and intake on the motor. Perhaps I bought the wrong parts and they dont work that well for a stock motor. Ive tried searching for awhile and ran across somebody else that seemed to have similar problems but there was no resolve to the problem in the thread so thats why im posting right now.

Any way if any of you Peugeot experts have advice for me and how I can fix my problem or at least make it run as good as it did when it was stock id really appreciate the input. Thanks again.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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