50cc tccd kit.. What carb?

Hey... Im about to put together my puch 2 speed.. Im adding a 50cc tccd kit to it, and I have no idea what size carb would be optimal.. Jet too.. and also, do i have to take the whole engine apart to dremel the transfers, or can I just mark and cut? I don't want to get any shavings inside the case, so i can just take it apart.. Thanks y'all

Re: 50cc tccd kit.. What carb?

14mm bing with a low 60's high 50's jet and a stock airbox.

Re: 50cc tccd kit.. What carb?

The intake at the cylinder has the surface area of about a 16mm carb. So a 15 bing with a 15 square intake, or the 16mm Dellorto with the intake that treats sells sometimes would be the best you can do with out porting.

Even then I run it with a crappy bored out 13.5 mm bing, it rips pretty good. Advance your timing to about 2mm before TDC with that kit. I just set the timing on one last night, totally different bike.

Re: 50cc tccd kit.. What carb?

Also you totally can match the cases without tearing down the engine. Stuff the case with paper towel and cover it with duct tape.

Match the cases, and then clean it up with some carb cleaner. Pull out the tape and paper towel, and spray like two cans of carb cleaner through the crank case while turning over the magneto by hand.

Re: 50cc tccd kit.. What carb?

Aw man.. You guys are totally awesome... Thanks alot..

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