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Hello, I have a running J.C. Penney Pinto II Moped. It runs great but I would like to increase speed. What kind of bore kit should I look into? I can't do any serious machining but can do anything else technical. I also would like to upgrade my carburetor/main jet and exhaust. I would like to be able to go as fast as possible. Thanks for the help. - Alex


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seach for a gila80cc it will go scary fast with just a dmp pipe and if you need to go faster you can get a simonini ,8p etc.....

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Get an expansion chamber exhaust and rejet. Then get a bigger carburetor and a better air filter, and tune that carburetor! THEN maybe kit it.

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FIRST, I strongly recommend getting to know your moped real well. See what kind of performance you can get out of what's already there. Try any (or preferably all) of the following. They WILL give you better speed:

- clean your points real nice and reset the gap

- clean and repack your wheel bearings with fresh grease

- clean your chains and give 'em some fresh lube

- decarbonize EVERYTHING (instructions in the Puch manual)

- get a new spark plug (I'd even go the extra mile with a new boot and wire)

- drill your carb and intake from 12 to 14

- get rid of the second half of your air box and replace the element with panty hose

- derestrict your exhaust

- change your gear ratio with a new, or like-new, sprocket

- probably some other things too. do a search...

My pinto went 28 when I first got it, but you could push yours into the high thirties with all of that.

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He has it right. Do everything he says and add a few solid fuel rocket motors and you will be set

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WOW... that video and Pinto have inspired me. I want my pinto to be sweet like that. Love the light set-up aswell.

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Do you prefer panty hose to the cone high flow filters that you can get? I guess it would be way less restrictive... I lost my cone filter yesterday and made dew with some panty hose that I found at a convenient store. It was rippin, but I was also running lean without a proper upjet... It's definately slower with the high flow cone filter and the current jet. Are there any high flow filter cones that are totally non restrictive?

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those red and blue ones treats had are pretty non restrictive. just thin foam about 1/4 " thick!!

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MilwaukeeDave /

whats the gap for the pinto?

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I have a really small k&n. It is awesome. speaking of which i need to recharge it soon.

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Here is a couple crappy pictures of my current project.

Maybe it will give you some more ideas.

Im working on putting a self charging battery system on it now.

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I want those Kreidler wheels...

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nice pinto you got there

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hey what is your motor set-up ??

I have that same pipe

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Rebuilt ZA-50 with Parma con-rod

Polini 64cc kit

15mm Bing (soon to change) with motion left riser and a variable air intake

HPI Ignition

blah, blah, blah

moped, moped, moped

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