Tomos Customizing

This is an idea my younger brother Jona (just became member of Ghost Riders..., sweet) and i had for a while. He has a pretty fast Derbi Variant that has been his pride and joy for a while and we talked together about fitting that bad boy derbi engine on a lighter frame. HE had a tomos frame laying around that was just beggin to be cut and modded, so I obliged. I am still in the early stages of building but I can tell you that this little bad boy is going to be a fast one. So far the decision has been made to make it a hard tail and paint it pink. Yes pink. I know it is humiliating to get beat by a fellow rider, but it's gotta hurt if the bike is pink haha. SO here are some pics and I know I will have questions you guys will be able to help with. Feel free to comment.


Re: Tomos Customizing

photo 2


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photo three


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Tomos bike going 65 kinda scarey, dunno if a tomos frame will hold up to it

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only one way to really find out. But there will be frame reinforcements put in place. One of the good things about the derbi engine is that the swingarm attaches straight to it, so as long as the welds are good on the engine mount there should be little warping of the actual frame.

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