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Other than the Variator mod, does anybody know of some PA50 II mods that are simple to do that boot speed. I guess what I am asking is what are good afforable mods that will bump my speed up a few MPHs. I am only getting about 30MPH right now. Thanks! Oh and it anybody has a detailed how-to on the variator mod, that would be cool. I have seen that one website, but it really doesn't go over it all that well.

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theres lots of posts on here about the variator mod, i dont wanna sound like a dick but honestly if you have a search you will find loads.

on the topic of other mods, if you dont wanna spend money then you will have to start porting your cylinder. what iv done is opened up the transfer passages and also cut the piston+cylinder skirt to allow it all to flow better, also enlared the exhaust port ever so slightly. i didnt see much of a gain in top speed, but i wasnt expecting to untill i get a performance exhaust, however the engine responds a lot better and acceleration is better.

also you can sand down the cylinder head to bump compression up a bit, again wont help your top end but will help low end.

if you want more top speed you really need a performance exhaust.

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I tried searching for the Variator mod on here. hmm. Okay thanks!

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here's one of the threads on the variator mod:

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