Simo proline + ciao = No kick stand / pedals.

I'm mounting up my proline this week, as soon as my engine goes back on the frame, (watiing on gaskets) and I realized I have to chop the kick stand in half and bend it to make it a side kick, or else It wont fit with the pipe. The pedal shaft also has to be extended, or I have to dicth the pedals.

Any good methods of extending pedal shafts?

Pro's and con's of having no pedals?

I'm also going to run a speed increase test, running the old pipe then the new pipe. I'm interested to see the difference.


65cc DR kit

ported, case matched, intake drilled to 13.

13.13. carb.

Hi-flo filter.

Simonini proline (the long pipe).

Stock variator/pulley.

I'm thinking I may clip my stock springs though for low end if I need it.

Also, I was looking at the frame and doing some disassembly work last night, and I realized that I cant remove the rear rack, because of the way the seat post sits. Anyone else with a ciao, how did get the seat to affix to the frame?

Re: Simo proline + ciao = No kick stand / pedals.

i hope you get it flying. Than let me ride it.

And you have to find a seat that will go into the seat post thing or fab something up. Sping seats are kinda scary at 40+

Re: Simo proline + ciao = No kick stand / pedals.

I pulled the rear fender and mounted the tail light on the rear rack for now, but im working on a way to mount the seat somehow.

Pegs are coming in the mail nexxt week, so I can tuck super racing style.


You can ride it if you come out to meat us half way with us!

Respond to my email!

Re: Simo proline + ciao = No kick stand / pedals.

BootyClap Ninja /

i believe the pros and cons of not having peddles would be quite

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