24 mikuni vs 21 race del

is there really a huge difference? would it make my bike that much faster?

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

the 24mm is waay larger, feels much bigger and is faster

but it also guzzles gas and you usually need a better throttle assembly to be able to open it up fully

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

The big issue for me (the reason i've stayed dellorto) is that I already know the system of the carbs and understand their labeling system, W7 needle, etc... have jets and needles at my disposal, since I work at a vintage scooter shop.

Those mikuni carbs completely rip, but you'll have to re-learn your shit a little bit.

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

u can get a 24mm dellorto too

I am really curious as too how much a difference just that carb makes on a sick setup, it would be an interesting test to run an 80metra with simonini on both carbs and the same intake and see what the difference really is, bigger is not always better.

but they do rip, however so do large delloto's, for example, my polini setup with dellorto 19mm and techno boss, is in the same speed bracket as most peoples 80metras, gillas, and 8p, simonini, 24 flatslide setups. It has been my experience that while there are faster bigger setups than mine, there are just as many if not more slower bigger setups.

My point is the larger carb does not guarantee speed, and I think the dellorto is more versatile since it can be used on smaller setups as well. honestly a simonini pipe will make more of a difference.

its all very debatable.

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

The mikunis are easier to tune in my opinion. They aren't as touchy as the dellortos, but maybe that's me just being lucky. I feel like others might agree with me though. You can jump 5 jet sizes at a time. No big deal.

I do things a little differently as some other serious tuners too I guess.

Definitely for big boy kits, but I would really like to see elliot put one on his polini and see what happens.

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

btw, jesse i found you two matching brake lever replacements if you want them.

Re: 24 mikuni vs 21 race del

yay mark ryan!!!! you just helped me from flying over my handlebars one of these days

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