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So, I'm going to be getting a biturbo to get better performance out of my qt50, but i just dont know for sure which to go with. I've been told (by trux) that i have to cut the header off my original muffler and have it welded to the biturbo, so does it even matter what biturbo i get? (ie, do i get the puch biturbo, or the tomos biturbo, etc) Are there differences in the expansion chambers, or are the differences only in the header configurations?

Also, I've been told by a welder that older mufflers cant be welded, because the steel gets impregnated with carbon. Anyone have any problems, or thoughts on that?

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Cleats Onionpockets /

Try for a two piece biturbo, and clamp the chamber onto your current header, no need for welding

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I baught a two piece biturbo and welded it to my old sachs header. It worked fine just clean the area real good with a wire brush. If the fit is loose on your header you need to weld it. If it is tight you can get away with clamping it.

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Where can I buy a two piece biturbo? The only places I seem to find them online are for one piece units (like at 1977 mopeds). Any suggestions there?

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