watch out rafter!

Re: sandblastin'

i dont think you have marred him in the slightest yet!

but looks good. I used an aluminum acid wash on mine.

Re: sandblastin'

i just jizzed.

i just used a wire brush and some gas, lol.

Re: sandblastin'

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Just go NOS.

Looks nice.

Re: sandblastin'

billy! You blasted the inside?!!!!!!!!!! Careful homie.

You better mean "watch out Rafter, I dont want to be blown right off the road when you blast me".

Time for Puch huh?

I was just gonna go belt drive to.


Re: sandblastin'

Kile --> Where might one acquire this aluminum acid wash you speak of?

Re: sandblastin'

Why so serious kids?

Re: sandblastin'

Why is your hair so serious? You Hippy.*

Re: sandblastin'

no way! it's not for me. i'm building it for someone else. i love my peugeot. it's pretty quick. wait till the creature rally, you'll see what i'm talking about.

i actually can't ride it for the rest of my time here. the cops are on the lookout for me. they'll impound it the second they see it on the road. I got pulled over yesterday. it didn't go so well. someone in the city must have pissed off the wrong cop.

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