Tomos Targa Exhaust questions.

I just got a '00 targa yesterday and I want to put an exhaust on it. I'm a bit over 200 lbs, so I'd like to find one that will add a good amount of power. Any suggestions? I was looking at the BiTurbo perhaps. Anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Tomos Targa Exhaust questions.

tecno estoril will give you a broader power band as well as more torque. Biturbo is a piece of shit and only gives you a tiny bit extra top end, which of course, you will never see since you eating up all the torque with your weight.

for an added torque burst, lose 50lbs ^_^


Re: Tomos Targa Exhaust questions.

John Joedicke /

All round performance get a Tecnigas Next.

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